Customer Showcase


1987 Yellow Nasty Notch -  This car has had in the past has been n/a, nos, 3 supercharger kits, and when it got the 1st turbo kit the search was over. This is the third pony down turbo kit to be on the car. In our quest for the best research and development we push this car to its limits to help us have the best turbo kits on the market. This mustang now has a  Pony Down stage 3 turbo kit, 331 stroker, c4 w/brake. Stay tuned for more info....



1993 pdp black notch - Originally brought up from Maryland a year ago. This notch had a flip flop paint job on it with a scratch on every body panel. Plus it was missing the engine, trans, struts, springs, hood, deck lid, etc... As you can tell we put this mustang back together how a pony belongs. It has a fresh paint job on it, new fiberglass deck lid and hood. A fresh engine and trans and of course a pony down Stage 2 kit on it, 306 ci, t5....


Here's Ray's nice example of a clean mustang with a Pony Down stage 3 single turbo kit.
"I had 9.9 to 1 with 12lbs and a good sized air to air, I made 580hp to the tires on pump gas!!"

 60'  1.55
330'  4.69
1/8  7.17@99
1000'  9.26
10.99@130.51  on the rev-limiter the last 100 feet


 Now this is nice notch that's for sure. Alan's 351 based motor sports a stage 2 b series hot side kit with his own custom cold side.


 Dave and his stage 2 mustang ripping up the tracks


 Sal's ultra clean mustang is sporting a Pony Down stage 2 b series kit.


 Pats mustang that had a next day delivery of a stage 2 kit and installed in a weekend. Nice work Pat!!!



 One of our sn95 94-95 stage 2 turbo kits in England

2.1 60ft.
5.71  330ft.
8.43  1/8
10.69  1000'
12.63 @ 121.31

 The yellow notch in 2005 with the Pony Down stage 2 twin turbo kit. This combo was greattttt. Between the stock cam giving it the perfect idle and sleeper horsepower. The car ran quite, cool, and powerful.


 Chris123 and his 1987 saleen clone. This mustang has it all. The looks, handling, and especially horsepower.  Here's his combo and some video's. 358 cid Dart block (8.2 deck), Stage 3 foxlake ported Victor Jr's, X-303 cam, Victor 5.0 intake, Ponydown stage 3 turbo kit, Precision T-76Gts, Tuned by a F.A.S.T. B2B, 700rwhp & 740ftlb on 93 octane with 14 psi!

Video 1,      Video 2,         Video 3,              Video 4

 Pete and his convertible sports a Pony Down Stage 2 b series kit. His last dyno session had his motor pushing 565 rwhp and 547  rwt to the wheels.