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About us....

We specialize in making turbo and forward facing n/a products for 79-04 mustangs with 302 or 351 engine in it and offer many different header designs and options from mild to wild. We build every order as it comes in so that you can custom design your order using our custom build options.  We pride ourselves on building every order on our in house fox bosy mustang mock up car. 

I highly suggest you check out our FACEBOOK page  <Click Here> or for the cautious search for "Pony Down Performance" We post build pics all the time. Here's a little preview...

News - 7/6/2020

Its been a while since updating the news page on the website but I have to say everything is running good and we made it through the covid-19 outbreak of 2020!

As I'm always coming up with new ideas and things to offer I am going to have a new product line that will be a father/son venture. With that being said we are going to start offering more build items for the DIY builder. First on the list is going to be stub header flanges offered for all the flanges we offer with primaries going from 1 5/8" up to 2". They will be a header flange of your choice and then you will select the primary sizes you want welded onto the flange. They will be a great starting point for a build. Thats it for now check back for further new products coming up.