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About us....

We specialize in making turbo headers, turbo kits and forward facing n/a products for 79-04 mustangs with 302 or 351 engine in it and offer many different header designs and options from mild to wild. We build every order as it comes in so that you can custom design your order using our custom build options.  We pride ourselves on building every order on our in house fox body mustang mock up car in effort for the best fit we can get.

I highly suggest you check out our FACEBOOK page  <Click Here> or for the cautious search for "Pony Down Performance" We post build pics all the time. Here's a little preview...

News 6/23/2024

I just got done making some changes on the website. mostly getting rid of some low volume selling items and trying to simplify the build options for the popular items. Current wait times have to be close to 16 weeks at the moment. I'm still catching up from our yearly tax time rush and some other things that have slowed down building orders but I'm happy to say that things are going good and the quality of our builds are the best they have ever been. I'm not sure if its just our buisness or what but we have been plagued with non stop all day spam calls. With that being said i would highly recommend using our email (sales@ponydown.com) at the top of this page for contacting us.