Turbo Build Items

Model Product Image Item Name Price
fl382bolt 38mm wastegate inlet/outlet flange

38mm wastegate inlet/outlet flange

Here is a 1/2" thick mild steel wastegate outlet or inlet flange that can be used on tial 38mm wastegate flanges. (2 bolt flange) NOT a V!


TS101 pdp Universal turbo support kt

pdp Universal turbo support kt

Here is a universal turbo support kit. You get... 1x front head mount flange 1x 12" 5/8 rod 1x rod flange 1x turbo flange


ms02bung 02 Sensor Bung (Mild Steel)

02 Sensor Bung (Mild Steel)

Weld-on, precision machined 18 mm x 1.50 pitch, mild steel oxygen sensor bung. These oxygen sensor rings fit standard Bosch type Lamda sensors.

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ARP3.8x1 ARP header bolts

ARP header bolts

Our recommended header bolts for our Pony Down 2" sbf turbo header flanges. These header bolts use a 5/16 wrench to tighten them down which helps you...


flex25 2 1/2"x6" flex pipe

2 1/2"x6" flex pipe

2 1/2"x6" Turbo flex pipe

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flex3 3.0"x6" flex pipe

3.0"x6" flex pipe

3.0"x6" Turbo Flex Pipe 

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