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About us....

We specialized in making anything turbo related for 79-04 mustangs with 302 or 351 engines. So no matter if you have a carb or fuel injection mustang we have something for you. If your a seasoned turbo vet or a newbie let our us handle any questions you might have with your mustang. We pride ourselves on building your order checked the fitment in our in house 1991 mustang mock up car. Pics of your order build up are available upon request.

Check us out on FACEBOOK! A must for anyone considering ordering from us. We post pics of pony down orders and customers cars.


News - 12/29/15


We just made our first of LS headers for use in a mustang. The design is based off our pdp R headers. As soon as we get a little more feedback on the fitment we will offer them on the website. The pricing will be the same as our R headers. We will post a update on the website once they will be ready for ordering.

Lets talk sbf header flanges 101. To see what bolt pattern you have with the side to side bolt pattern, measure across the exhaust port from  the center of the bolt hole to center of bolt hole. With that measurement you can make sure your ordering the correct flange for your order. We offer the following bolt patterns for sbf heads...

stock 2" (gt40, edelbrock performer, afr 165/185 etc...)
1487 wide bolt pattern 3" (afr, dart, canfield, etc...)
trick flow high port diaginal (TF high port, TF R, etc..)
trick flow 2.75" (TF R)
Edelbrock 2.5" (edelbrock victor, etc...)


News - 7/29/15

We added a new option for the R headers. If you don't want v-bands on the collectors you can now check a box and NOT have them on. We also added a 1 7/8 primary option onto our T6/T4 drivers & passenger hot side kits. But other that its business as usual. We are still working on the email problem. 

News - 7/1/15

Coming soon will be some custom services for customers. One will be some a chance to get some custom vinyl stickers made. Another option is going to be custom flange cutting. We currently cut 1/2' plate for for the right job we would do other sizes. Prices and more info to be announced in the future.


News - 6/6/15

We are adding some new things to the website. We just added a bead rolling service for cold side pipes. We are also going to start selling a custom made cold side extension. This will be a custom length pipe for a customer fill a gap. A common use for this would be for switching from mass air to speed density and having to fill the void. Coming soon will be a custom turbo inlet flange service. We can take a t3, t4, or t6 flange and custom design it for our specs. A example would be a mounting tab on the flange for a turbo support.


News - 3/9/15

Always building and adding! Well building orders and this month we are adding to the website some new options. Up new is the addition of a 5" downpipe for our T6 hotside kits. Our stage 4 kit now has the option for a upgraded turbo. The options are for a borg warner s484 (84mm) or s488 (88mm) They both feature billet wheels and race covers! Coming soon will be the option to get a 1 7/8" primaries T6 hotside with a 3" crossover with our drivers side T6 stuff.



News - 2/12/15

Getting things done and bringing new products and options out in 2015! And with that being said we are now offering our 1 7/8 headers for the 302 (8.2 deck) motors. Either one of the 1 7/8 headers we make can be used for turbo applications or for forward exiting headers. A new option that we are adding for the t6/t4 drivers side kit is a turbo support brace. The brace will go from the turbo flange to a plate that will bolt up to the front of the drivers side head. The flanges are 1/2" thick! With TAX time getting here our wait time will take longer as more orders come in. Right now we are on a steady 4 week wait for bigger orders. Our smaller orders (r headers & 1 7/8 stuff) will be 3-4 weeks.


News - 12/29/14

For the new year we will be adding a new T6 complete kit. Its going to be based off the Borg Warner S400 series (s475, s480) T6 kit. Just like out other kits we offer there will be some options to chose from to make the kit custom for your application. Some basic specs will be 1 3/4 headers with a 2 1/2" crossover. 4 different wastegate options. 1) twin 38mm wastegates, 2) one 60mm wastegate, 3) one 44mm wastegate, 4) mail us your flange and we will weld what you have. A 4" downpipe with a 5" reducer on it. Your choice of 02 sensor bungs, 3" cold side piping, pdp stage 3 intercooler (bar & plate), t-bolt clamps for silicone couplers, tial 50mm blow off valve, and everything else you need to bolt on the kit.

News - 12/5/14

We just added another new header set to the website. They are a set of 1 7/8 R headers for the 351. And we also added a new design to the R Header line up that will give more clearance on the passenger side header for the spark plug and spark plug boots. We are now able to do the 302 or 351 1 7/8 headers for the same price of $524.99

News - 10/22/14

The pony down "safe tune turbo chip" will be available Nov 1, 2014!

After a good amount of phone calls and emails with questions about the pony down "safe tune turbo chip" we have decided to add a n/a tune that will allow the same options for upgrade options. We just will just use a different timing curve for a n/a car. The great thing is that you can mail us back the chip and we can change the tune to our "safe turbo" tune for $24.99. 

News - 10/4/14

Some good news to update here! 

1st - We are finalizing our Pony Down "safe tune turbo chip" that will be available for mustangs or any vehicle running a a9p (auto) or a9l (manual) computer. More computers may be available in the future as we get more time for development. These chips will give your car a safe tune under boost with other options to fully customize the chip to the specs of your car. Besides a change in the timing map and other items we will also be able to increase your rev limiter, turn off your smog stuff, egr, and more. pricing is looking to start around $149.99 which is a great price to get a piece of mind. 

2nd - We just fabbed up our first prototype 1 7/8 pdp "R" header set. Yes I did say 1 7/8! We are happy with the fit and the results. But they will only be available for the 3" bolt pattern (fel-pro 1487) and the trick flow high port flanges and a 8.2 deck motor. Pricing will start at $549.99 

3rd - We are adding a new option to our pdp "R" 45 degrees headers that will make the option of making the header into a front exiting header. Pricing will be coming soon!

4th - Coming late this fall will be a passenger side t6 hot side kit. The kit will use our pdp "R" headers and a 2 1/2" crossover. The flanges will be our standard 1/2". The exhaust housing will face the water pump and the compressor housing will face the sheet passenger side sheet metal. As with our drivers side t6 hot side we build the kit and you build around our kit. The kit will require the front radiator to be relocated under the radiator support for turbo exhaust housing clearance.

News - 4/24/14

One thing we always strive to do is work with our customers and to follow the trends that we see are requested. With that being said we added our turbo kits back on the site. We are also adding some new options to our hot side kits. You will now be able to get our...

 "R" headers with 1 3/4" primaries and a 2 1/2" collectors and  2 1/2" v-band rings
"R" headers with 1 5/8" primaries with a 2 1/2" collectors with 2 1/2" v-band rings
"R" headers with NO v-band rings at all
 t6/t4 drivers side hot with either a 2 1/2" or 3" crossover.

News - 4/4/14

We have been busy adjusting things on the website the last week. We got rid of the drop down box and made the options a check box system. I think it will be easier to see the options available now. We also added our cold side piping category with options for cold side piping kits from our stage 2 single stuff to our drivers side t6 stuff. Things coming up in the future will a be a larger picture based data base of random builds as we have a ton of build pics. We just have to explore the best options.

News - 3/27/14

Back to the basics!!! If you have been a long time viewer of our company or this website you will know that we normally display a lot more items that we would sell. Well that has changed and we are back to the basics with this company. We are mainly focusing on building what's listed on the site now. That will include single or twin header kits, down pipes, y-pipes, and cold side pipes. We also have gotten rid of our credit card services as it has always been a headache and we added Pay Pal checkout. 


Our new T6 stuff is ready for the ponydown site. While in the past we have made them on a custom basis we are now going to add them as a standard kit that will range from headers and crossover to full kits. While we can sometimes work around things on customers mustangs we are offering these kits as is. You as the customer will build around our kit. That's one reason in the past why we only did custom jobs on cars that we could control the fit and work around things. These kits will be based off our pd "R" headers and will have a 3" crossover. For more spec info search our header/downpipe are or the kit area. We have fitted turbos sizing from a pt88 to a pt91 on our hot sides, even a s400. So with that all being said its time to introduce the Pony Down T6 kits. Pricing will start from 849.99 and work its way up....