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About us....

First, and most important is all our piping kits are made on location in Macomb, Michigan. We take pride in keeping everything we can in house. So with us out sourcing just isn't a option. That's how we keep the quality up and the head aches away. If you ever wondered how we keep our pricing low its easy. We keep the overhead low and that lets us pass the savings onto our customers and if we do ever get slow it won't effect us at all. That's the problems with the "big" turbo companies out there. They have huge overhead and just 6 months of getting slow can make or break them. hah. Not us...

We specialized in making anything turbo related for 79-95 mustangs with 302 or 351 engines. So no matter if you have a carb or fuel injection mustang we have something for you. If your a seasoned turbo vet or a newbie let our us handle any questions you might have with your mustang. We pride ourselves on building your order checked the fitment in our in house 1991 mustang mock up car. Pics of your order build up are available upon request.

News - 4/24/14

One thing we always strive to do is work with our customers and to follow the trends that we see are requested. With that being said we added our turbo kits back on the site. We are also adding some new options to our hot side kits. You will now be able to get our...

 "R" headers with 1 3/4" primaries and a 2 1/2" collectors and  2 1/2" v-band rings
"R" headers with 1 5/8" primaries with a 2 1/2" collectors with 2 1/2" v-band rings
"R" headers with NO v-band rings at all
 t6/t4 drivers side hot with either a 2 1/2" or 3" crossover.

News - 4/4/14

We have been busy adjusting things on the website the last week. We got rid of the drop down box and made the options a check box system. I think it will be easier to see the options available now. We also added our cold side piping category with options for cold side piping kits from our stage 2 single stuff to our drivers side t6 stuff. Things coming up in the future will a be a larger picture based data base of random builds as we have a ton of build pics. We just have to explore the best options.

- Latest News - 3/27/14

Back to the basics!!! If you have been a long time viewer of our company or this website you will know that we normally display a lot more items that we would sell. Well that has changed and we are back to the basics with this company. We are mainly focusing on building what's listed on the site now. That will include single or twin header kits, down pipes, y-pipes, and cold side pipes. We also have gotten rid of our credit card services as it has always been a headache and we added Pay Pal checkout.


Our new T6 stuff is ready for the ponydown site. While in the past we have made them on a custom basis we are now going to add them as a standard kit that will range from headers and crossover to full kits. While we can sometimes work around things on customers mustangs we are offering these kits as is. You as the customer will build around our kit. That's one reason in the past why we only did custom jobs on cars that we could control the fit and work around things. These kits will be based off our pd "R" headers and will have a 3" crossover. For more spec info search our header/downpipe are or the kit area. We have fitted turbos sizing from a pt88 to a pt91 on our hot sides, even a s400. So with that all being said its time to introduce the Pony Down T6 kits. Pricing will start from 849.99 and work its way up....

Well we get a lot of questions about how the yellow notch is running and why hasn't there been any new video's..... lol. The yellow notch is in the middle of getting a new engine, trans, 5 lug conversion, Holley EFI install, among other goodies. So here's a couple of pics to hold you over till the car is finished....

what was the old combo for the yellow notch?

FAQ - what is the current combo on the yellow notch?

GENERAL FAQ's - Just look at the top of the page for the faq button

Just added to the line up of headers is our "R" headers. They are 1/2 flanged, 1 3/4 primary headers with the collectors on them with a 3" v band ring welded on. You now have a choice of 2" (sbf), 2.75" (trick flow), high port (trick flow), & 3" (1487 gasket) Great for t6 builds or any custom build where you need the hard part done and can finish the rest your self. No more wondering if our kit will clear the items you all ready have in the engine bay..